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News Updates : Suddhananda Engineering & Research Centre(SERC) has been envisaged as an institution of Excellencence focussing on moulding its career and character of budding Engineer's through holistic development approch. SERC is commited for shaping the future career of its students by making substantial contribution
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News Updates
Revised Programme for 6th & 4th Semester-2013 (SUMMER) Examination
Admission Open for the session 2014-15
Civil Engineering

The discipline of Civil Engineering has been incorporated since its inception of SRP from the session of 2008. The main criteria of civil engg. curriculum to create a flexible educational experience in design mathematics, constructive management, engg. science, humanities & social science. The vital study topic includes engg. drawing, mechanics of materials, construction technology, surveying, designing, CAD, SIAAD-PRO & connective technology. This broad and flexible programme allows students to customized their ideas in engg. science to meet their objectives and in particular career goals.
By conducting the classes the department also organize various quality engineering programme and educational tour for students. The dept. of civil engg. strives to train the students in civil engg. science as well as application of the scientific methods to organize and carry scientific design of engineering system. Qualified and experienced faculty members assign with various theory subjects as well as practical to prepare course plans using standard format provided by the organization with emphasis on learning of the students.
Sl.No Name Designation Qualification Year of Experience
1 Deepak Ranjan Mohapatra Lect. Civil B.Tech 10 yrs.
2 Abhinandan Pati Lect. Civil B.Tech. 5 yr.
3 Priyadarsini Pradhan Lect. Civil B.Tech. 5 yr
4 Susil Kumar Nayak Lect. Civil B. Tech. 1 yr
5 Subhrasweta Behera Lect. Civil B. Tech. 1 yr
6 Rashmi Ranjan Mohapatra Lab Asst. Civil Diploma in Civil Engg. 6 yrs
7 Padmini Sahoo Lab Asst. Civil Diploma in Civil Engg. 2 yr

Survey Lab : Accessories of survey, arrows, alidade chain, dumpy level, leveling staff, prismatic compass, planimeter, pantagraph, plane table, designing rod, spirit level, theodolite.
CE Lab : Aggregate impact machine, brass sieve, cement spatula, compressive test machine, los angels, abrasion testing machine, oven, pyrometer.

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